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Technical Sessions
11/9/2009, Monday 11/10/2009, Tuesday
M1-A M1-B M1-C M1-D
M2-A M2-B M2-C M2-D
M3-A M3-B M3-C M3-D
T1-A T1-B T1-C T1-D
T2-A T2-B T2-C T2-D
T3-A T3-B T3-C T3-D
11/11/2009, Wednesday 11/12/2009, Thursday
W1-A W1-B W1-C W1-D
M1-A Bridge Aerodynamics (1)
Chair 1: Soon-Duck Kwon
Chair 2: Virote Boonyapinyo
Paper Title Author(s)
Branch Switch of Coupled Flutter Matsumoto, Masaru; Matsumiya, Hisato; Fujiwara, Shinnya
Dynamic and Aerodynamic Characteristics of New Suspension Bridges with Double Main Spans Ge, Yao-Jun; Xu, Lin-Shan; Zhang, Wen-Ming; Zhou, Zhi-Yong
Spectral Characteristics of Fluctuating Wind Load on a Separate Twin-Box Deck with Central Slot Zhu, Le-Dong; Wen, Shui-Bing; Ding, Quan-Shun
On the Unsteady Pressure Characteristics of Modified Rectangular Cylinders Trein, Cristiano Augusto; Shirato, Hiromichi; Matsumoto, Masaru
M1-B Wind Environment / Human Comfort
Chair 1: Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Chair 2: Kit Ming Lam
Paper Title Author(s)
Numerical Evalation of Wind-Induced Environment around Buildings with Refuge Floor Chow, W.K.; Li, J.
Human Body Response To Low Frequency Narrow-Band Random Building Motions Michaels, M.; Kwok, C.S. Kenny; Hitchcock, A. Peter
Effects of Building Separation and Podium on Pedestrian-Level Wind Environment Tsang, C.W.; Kwok, K.C.S.; Hitchcock, A. Peter
A Study on Numerical Simulation on Flow-Fields & Wind-Induced Noise Around Building Kim, Young-Duk; Cahyono, Yohanes Joni Tri; Baek, Jeong Seung
M1-C Aero-Elasticity
Chair 1: Hiromasa Kawai
Chair 2: Ming Gu
Paper Title Author(s)
Galloping Effects on Inclined Square Cylinder in Smooth and Turbulence Flows Shum, Kei Man; Kwok, K.C.S.; Hitchcock, A. Peter
Response Character of Aeroelastic System in Close Neighborhood of Stability Boundaries Naprstek, Jiri; Pospisil, Stanislav
Along-Wind Aero-Elasticity of Prisms with Different Height/Width Ratios by Indirect Forced Actuation Technique Wu, Jong-Cheng; Chang, Ying-Chieh
Investigation on the Model of Vortex-Induced Vibrations of Rectangular Super High-Rise Buildings Wu, Hai-Yang; Liang, Shu-Guo; Chen, Zheng-Qing; Wang, Shu-Liang
M1-D Field Measurement and Health Monitoring
Chair 1: You-Lin Xu
Chair 2: Jing-Jong Jang
Paper Title Author(s)
Wind Tunnel Studies and Their Validations with Field Measurements for a Super-Tall Building Li, Q.S.; Xie, Jiming; To, Alex; Zhi, L. H.
Field Measurements of Typhoon Effects on the Tallest Building in Hong Kong Li, Q.S.; Zhi, L. H.; To, Alex; Yi, J.
Modal Identification of Ambient Vibration Structure Using Frequency Domain Decomposition and Wavelet Transform Le, Thai-Hoa; Tamura, Yukio
A Study of Wind Speed Profile of Taiwan Area Jang, Jing-Jong; Chien, Ching-Wen; Jhan, Fu-Jie
M2-A Special Session: Newly Developed Testing Facilities and Techniques for Wind Engineering Applications
Chair 1: Haili Liao
Chair 2: Kichiro Kimura
Paper Title Author(s)
Wind Tunnel Test with Moving Vehicle Model for Aerodynamic Forces of Vehicle-Bridge Systems Under Cross Wind Li, Yong-le; Zhao, Kai; Zhang, Ming-jin; Liao, Haili
Simulation of the Flow Field Characteristics of Transient Flow Cao, Shuyang; Zhao, Y.; Ozono, H.; Tamura, Yukio; Kareem, Ahsan
A Trial Manufacture of a Fluctuating Wind Direction Tunnel Kimura, Kichiro; Kato, Kusuo; Kubo, Yoshinobu
Gust Fronts Generated in a Multi-Fan Wind Tunnel Sassa, Koji; Inoue, Akira; Miyagi, Hiromori
Design and Characteristics of a Large Boundary-Layer Wind Tunnel with Two Test Sections Chen, Kai; Jin, Xin-Yang; Zhao, Ji-Da
A New Extreme Large Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel at Southwest Jiaotong University Li, Ming-shui; Liao, Haili; Zheng, Shi-xiong
M2-B Hazard Assessment
Chair 1: Yukio Tamura
Chair 2: Yasushi Uematsu
Paper Title Author(s)
A Probabilistic Typhoon Model for the Northwest Pacific Region Graf, Mathias; Nishijima, Kazuyoshi; Faber, Havbro Michael
Basinwide Typhoon Risk Modeling and Simulation for Western North Pacific Basin Yin, Jianming; Welch, Michael; Yashiro, Harumi; Shinohara, Mizuki
Wind Hazard Damage Estimation of Industrial Buildings Song, Fangfang; Ou, Jinping
The Typhoon Wind Hazard Analysis in Hongkong of China with the New Formula for Holland B Parameter and the CE Wind Field Model Xiao, Yu-Feng; Xiao, Yi-Qing; Duan, Zhong-Dong
Analysis of Influencing Factors on Wind Damage Using Quantified Structural Conditions of Houses Tomokiyo, Eriko; Maeda, Junji
Development of Wind Hazard Map Lee, Young-Kyu; Lee, Sungsu; Kim, Hak-Sun
Development of Typhoon Fragility for Industrial Buildings Ham, Hee Jung; Lee, Sungsu; Kim, Hak-Sun
M2-C Low-Rise Building
Chair 1: John C.K. Cheung
Chair 2: Jwo-Hua Chen
Paper Title Author(s)
Wind Loads on Low-Rise Buildings: Upstream Exposure Effect Ioannis, Zisis; Stathopoulos, Ted
‘Switching’ Phenomenon of Conical Vortices on a Low-Rise Building Nishimura, Hiroaki; Kawai, Hiromasa
FEM Analysis of Tile Roofs under Simulated Typhoon Impact Huang, Peng; Gu, Ming; Mirmiran, Amir; Chowdhury, Gan Arindam
Extreme-Value Analysis for Field Measured Peak Pressure Coefficients on a Low-Rise Building Li, Q.S.; Hu, S.Y.; Da, Y.M.; Li, Z.N.
Design of a Gable Frame based on Wind Forces from a Few International Design Wind Codes Agrawal, Nikhil; Mittal, Kr. Achal; Gupta, K. V.
Effect of Architectural Features on Wind Loads in Low-Rise Buildings John, David Alok; Kotamrazu, Mohan; Gairola, Ajay; Mukherjee, Mahua
Study on Method for Evaluating Wind Performance of Tiled Roof Okada, Hajime; Ohkuma, Takeshi; Katagiri, Junji; Marukawa, Hisao
M2-D Computational Wind Engineering (1)
Chair 1: Ryuichiro Yoshie
Chair 2: Fuh-Min Fang
Paper Title Author(s)
New Inflow Boundary Conditions for Modeling the Neutral Equilibrium Atmospheric Boundary Layer in SST k-ω Model Yang, Yi; Gu, Ming; Jin, Xinyang
Simulation of Horizontally Homogeneous Atmosphere Boundary Layer Based on K-Ε Variant Models Combined with Modified Wall Functions Yang, Qing-shan; Zhang, Jian
Simulations of Moving Downbursts Using CFD Li, Chao; Li, Q.S.; Xiao, Y.Q.
An Attempt of Finite Element Flow Simulation of Tornado Vortices Nomura, Takashi; Miyata, Shuta; Hasebe, Hiroshi
A Numerically Generated Tornado-Like Vortex by Large Eddy Simulation Maruyama, Takashi
A Numerical Simulation of Flow Fields in a Wind Farm on Complex Terrain Lee, Myungsung; Lee, Ho Seung; Hur, Nahmkeon; Choi, Chang-koon
Applicability of Dynamical Statistical Downscaling to Wind Prediction along Railway Misu, Yayoi; Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Ishihara, Takeshi
M3-A High-Rise Building
Chair 1: Akihito Yoshida
Chair 2: Masaru Matsumoto
Paper Title Author(s)
Pressure Fluctuations Acting on a Tapered Tall Building Kim, Young-Moon; You, Ki-Pyo; You, Jang-Youl; Song, Chang-Hyun
Equivalent Static Wind Loads Research on an Asymmetric Tall Building with 3D Coupled Modes Tang, Yi; Jin, Xin-yang
Interference Effects of Two Buildings on Peak Wind Pressures Kim, Wonsul; Tamura, Yukio; Yoshida, Akihito
A Novel Passive Energy Dissipation System for Frame-Core Tube Structure Chen, Zheng-qing; Wang, Zhi-hao
Dynamic Wind Loading of H-Shaped Tall Buildings Lam, Kit Ming
An Analytical Model for the Alongwind Design Wind Load of Tall Buildings Cheng, Chii-Ming; Tsai, Ming-Shu; Lo, Yuan-Lung
M3-B Wind Energy and Applications
Chair 1: Richard Flay
Chair 2: Bao-Shi Shiau
Paper Title Author(s)
Development of Safe Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for over Speed Rotation Noda, Minoru; Nagao, Fumiaki; Shinomiya, Akira
The Effect of the Physical Properties of Water Surface on Initial Wind-Waves Generation Mechanism at Low Wind Badran, Omar; Janajrah, Mamoun; Holdo, Arne; Lewis, Andrew; Calay, Raj
Evaluation of Factors Affecting Wind Power Generation in Jordan Badran, Omar; Abdulhadi, Emad
A Study of Wind-Resistant Safety Design of Wind Turbines Tower System Chien, Ching-Wen; Jang, Jing-Jong
High Resolution LES of Turbulent Airflow over Complex Terrain Uchida, Takanori; Ohya, Yuji
The Study of Interference Effect for Cascaded Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbines Wang, Sheng-Huan; Chen, Shih-Hsiung
M3-C Wind-Induced Structural Response (1)
Chair 1: Ahsan Kareem
Chair 2: Jong-Cheng Wu
Paper Title Author(s)
Study on Downburst-Induced Transmission Tower Damage Characteristics Qu, Wei-lian; Wang, Jin-wen
Wind-Induced Response of High-Rise Transmission Tower to Thunderstorm Downburst Lou, Wen-juan; Wang, Xin; Jiang, Ying
A Peak Factor for Predicting Non-Gaussian Peak Resultant Response of Wind-Excited Tall Buildings Huang, Mingfeng; Chan, C. M.; Kwok, K.C.S.; Lou, W.J.
A Cost Analysis of the STMD for Second Generation Wind-Excited Benchmark Building Tse, Kam-Tim; Kwok, K.C.S.; Tamura, Yukio
Shape Optimization and Assessment of Wind Induced Stresses in Domes Narayan, Babu K. S.; Yaragal, C. Subhash; Tamura, Yukio
The Acrosswind Response of a Square Prim in a Twin-Prism System Li, Yi-Chao; Liu, Wen-Chin; Fang, Fuh-Min
M3-D Computational Wind Engineering (2)
Chair 1: Tetsuro Tamura
Chair 2: Shuyang Cao
Paper Title Author(s)
Application of Fluid-Structure Interaction Solvers to Tall Buildings Zhang, Aishe; Gu, Ming; Zheng, Deqian
Numerical Simulation of Static Interference Effects for Single Buildings Group Peng, Xing-qian; Zhang, Chun-hui; Qiao, Chang-gui
Wind Flow in the Recessed Cavities of a Tall Building Cheng, C.K. Charles; Lam, Kit Ming; Leung, Y.T. Andrew
Hybrid Stochastic Simulation of Pressure Fluctuations on Tall Buildings Chan, C.M.; Huang, M.F.; Lau, I.W.H.; Kwok, K.C.S.
Numerical Simulation of Vortex-Induced Vibration of Three Cylinders in Regular Triangle Arrangement Ou, Jin-Ping; Xu, Feng; Xiao, Yi-Qing
Numerical Simulation of Wind Around a Building Complex Kim, Hak-Sun; Lee, Sungsu; Choi, Gulgi
Prediction of Snowdrift Around a Cube Using CFD Model Incorporating Effect of Snow Particles on Turbulent Flow Tominaga, Yoshihide; Okaze, Tsubasa; Mochida, Akashi; Nemoto, Masaki; Ito, Yu
T1-A Bridge Aerodynamics (2)
Chair 1: Hiromichi Shirato
Chair 2: Yuh-Yi Lin
Paper Title Author(s)
Vortex Effect on Torsional Flutter Matsumoto, Masaru
Identification of Flutter Derivatives of Bridge Decks by Stochastic Subspace Method Boonyapinyo, Virote; Janesupasaeree, Tharach; Thamasungkeeti, Worapoj
Wind Tunnel Study on Aerodynamic Optimization of a Suspension Bridge Deck Based on Flutter Stability Wang, Qi; Liao, Haili; Li, Mingshui
Buffeting Response Sensitivity of Multi-Component Aerodynamic Admittance Function of Typical Bridge Deck Zhao, Lin; Ge, Yaojun
Identification of Flutter Derivatives of Bridges with ERA and Its Modifications Zhu, Zhiwen; Chen, Zhenqing; Li, Youxiang
T1-B Environmental Dispersion
Chair 1: Ryuichiro Yoshie
Chair 2: Yun-Seok Kim
Paper Title Author(s)
Experimental Study on Characteristics of Heat Flux on Urban Surface Layer Kurita, Tsuyoshi; Ohba, Masaaki
Large-Eddy Simulation of Gaseous Diffusion in Street Canyon with Thermal Stratification Kikumoto, Hideki; Ooka, Ryozo; Uehara, Kiyoshi
Assessment of Wind and Atmospheric Environment around the High-Rised Building in an Existing Urban Area Using CFD Analysis Kono, Ryohei; Ooka, Ryozo; Huang, Hong; Byoungchull, Oh; Watanabe, Takeaki
Wind Tunnel Test on the Flow and Dispersion of Airborne Pollutants in the Complex Terrain of Coastal Region of Shiehe Power Plant of Taiwan Shiau, Bao-Shi; Tsai, Ben-Jue
Experimental Study on the Wind Flow and Dispersion around Hill with Various Slopes Shiau, Bao-Shi; Tsai, Ben-Jue
T1-C Bluff Body Aerodynamics
Chair 1: Jiri Naprstek
Chair 2: Kenny C.S. Kwok
Paper Title Author(s)
Characteristics of Surface Pressures on Prismatic Models in Simulated Gust Front Outflows Butler, Kyle; Kareem, Ahsan
Three Dimensional Structures of Flow Behind a Square Prims Kawai, Hiromasa; Okuda, Yasuo; Ohashi, Masamiki
Reynolds Number Effects on Hemispherical Domes in Smooth Flow Cheng, C. M.; Fu, C. L.
Experimental Study on the Flow Field between Two Square Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement Hasebe, Hiroshi; Watanabe, Kenji; Watanabe, Yuki; Nomura, Takashi
A Study on the Wind Pressures of the Partial Enclosed Buildings in the View of Net Pressures Chen, Jwo-Hua; Chen, Chern-Hwa
T1-D Wind Characteristics (1)
Chair 1: Edmund C.C. Choi
Chair 2: Masahiro Matsui
Paper Title Author(s)
Study on Typhoon Wind Characteristics Based on Field Measurements Xiao, Y.Q.; Li, L.X.; Song, L.L.
Typhoon Wind Field in Atmospheric Boundary Layer Huang, Wen-Feng; Xu, You-Lin; Li, Chi-Wai; Liu, Hong-Jun
An Empirical Joing Probability Density Function of Wind Speed and Direction Chen, Jun; Zhang, Xiaoqin
Cross-Correlation of Fluctuating Components of Wind Speed Based on Strong Wind Measurement Fujimura, Mayumi; Maeda, Junji
Spatial Correlation and Temporal Fluctuations of Wind Velocities Observed on a Plain Field Imai, Toshiaki; Kusunoki, Kenichi; Hono, Yoshihiro; Takemi, Tetsuya; Fukuhara, Takaaki; Araki, Keiji; Bessho, Kotaro; Hoshino, Shunsuke; Shibata, Toru
T2-A Computational Wind Engineering (3)
Chair 1: Ted Stathopoulos
Chair 2: Fuh-Min Fang
Paper Title Author(s)
Hybrid Analysis of Meso-Meteorological Model and LES for Strong Wind in Dense Tall Buildings Kishida, Takeshi; Tamura, Tetsuro; Okuda, Yasuo; Nakamura, Osamu; Miyashita, Koichi
Numerical Simulation of Wind Interference Effect for a Stadium and a Gymnasium Xu, Gang; Peng, Xingqian; Wu, Li; Zhu, Hai
Analysis of Moisture Transportation During a Local Heavy Rainfall on August 15 2005 In Tokyo Yamanaka, Toru; Ooka, Ryozo
Comparisons of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Wind Tunnel Experiments for Pedestrian Wind Environments Lin, Chin-Hsien; Chang, Cheng-Hsin; Cheng, Chii-Ming
A Generalized Canopy Model for the Wind Prediction in the Forest and the Urban Area Yamaguchi, Atsushi; Enoki, Kota; Ishihara, Takeshi
Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Interference Effects on the Port Container Group Zhang, Chun-hui; Sun, Wei; Peng, Xing-qian
Aerodynamics in a Contrained Cross-Section of a Train Tunnel System Layout Hwang, Kuo-Lun
T2-B Special Session: Urban Flow and Dispersion Modeling
Chair 1: Bernd Leitl
Chair 2: Jörg Franke
Paper Title Author(s)
Validation of an LES Urban Aerodynamics Model with Model and Application Specific Wind Tunnel Data Patnaik, Gopal; Boris, Jay; Lee, Mi-Young; Young, Theodore Jr.; Leitl, Bernd; Harms, Frank; Schatzmann, Michael
Contribution of Advective and Turbulent Mass Transfers to The Ventilation of Urban Canopy Jurcakova, Klara; Ohba, Masaaki
The European COST Action 732 - Quality Assurance and Improvement of Micro-Scale Meteorological Models Franke, Jörg
AIJ Cooperative Project for Practical Applications of CFD to Urban Ventilation Yoshie, Ryuichiro; Mochida, Akashi; Tominaga, Yoshihide; Shirasawa, Taichi; Tanaka, Hideyuki
Analysis of Concentration Fluctuation and Step-Up Tendency of Tracer Gas Dispersed on a Recreated Urban Model in a Wind Tunnel. Nakao, Keisuke; Kato, Shinsuke; Hiyama, Kyosuke; Takahashi, Takeo; Bu, Zhen
The Effects of Urban Heat Island Mitigation Strategies on the Outdoor Thermal Environment in Central Tokyo -A Numerical Simulation- Huang, Jou-Man; Ooka, Ryozo; Okada, Akiko; Omori, Toshiaki; Huang, Hong
T2-C Low-Rise Building / Wind Loading
Chair 1: Jiming Xie
Chair 2: Jing-Jong Jang
Paper Title Author(s)
Variation of Internal Pressure with Size of Dominant Opening and Volume Ginger, John; Kim, Peter
Investigation on Influence of Porosity on Wind Loading on Porous Sunshade Roof Cover Sheets on a Low-Rise Building Trung, Vu Thanh; Tamura, Yukio; Yoshida, Akihito
Effects of Side-wall Openings on the Wind Loads on Pipe-framed Greenhouses Uematsu, Yasushi; Nakahara, Koichi; Moriyama, Hideki; Sase, Sadanori
POD-Based Analysis of Dynamic Wind Load Effects on a Large Span Roof Jin, Xin-Yang; Tang, Yi; Jin, Hai
Wind Loading of Solar Collector Models Chung, Kung-Ming; Chang, Keh-Chin; Chou, Jin-Cheng
Wind Force Coefficients for the Design of a Hyperbolic Paraboloid Free Roof Uematsu, Yasushi; Arakatsu, Fumio; Matsumoto, Satoru; Takeda, Fumiyoshi
T2-D Wind Characteristics (2)
Chair 1: You-Lin Xu
Chair 2: Le-Dong Zhu
Paper Title Author(s)
Estimation of the Roughness Length (Zo) in Malaysia Using Satellite Image Ramli, Noram I.; Ali, M. Idris; Saad, M. Syamsyul H.; Majid, T. A.
Measurement on the Wind Flow Characteristics for a Turbulebt Boundary Layer Flow Over the Trapezoidal Embankment with Mild Slope Tsai, Ben-Jue; Shiau, Bao-Shi
Wind Shear Characteristics of Local Winds Peros, Bernardin; Boko, Ivica; Divi?, Vladimir
Screening of Topographic Factor on Wind Speed Estimation with Neural Network Analysis Nagao, Fumiaki; Noda, Minoru; Kusuhara, Takaaki
Topographical Effects on Wind Speed over Various Terrain Maharani, Yohana Noradika; Lee, Sungsu; Lee, Young-Kyu
Numerical Analysis of Factors Influencing the Downburst Wind Profiles Qu, Wei-Lian; Ji, Bai-Feng; Wang, Jin-Wen; Li, Jian-Qun
Research on Random Fourier Wave-Number Spectrum of Fluctuating Wind Speed Yan, Qi; Li, Jie
T3-A Bridge Aerodynamics (3)
Chair 1: Hiroshi Katsuchi
Chair 2: Mingshui Li
Paper Title Author(s)
Reevaluation on Aerodynamic Stability of Steel Box Girder Kusuhara, Shigeki; Yamada, Ikuo; Toyama, Naoki
Some Aspects of Field Measurement of Long-Span Bridges during Erection Liao, Haili; Li, Ming-shui
A Simple Apparatus for Measuring Self-Excited Wind Forces on Bridges Lee, Seung Ho; Kwon, Soon-Duck
Experimental Modal and Aerodynamic Analysis of a Large Span Cable-Stayed Bridge Chen, Chern-Hwa; Chen, Jwo-Hua; Lin, Yuh-Yi
The Study of Aerodynamic Stabilizing for Tangential and Curved Cable-Stayed Bridge under Construction Kim, Seong-Ho; Park, Joo-Taek; Lee, Kyoung-Jae
Investigation on Aerodynamic Behavior of Sutong Cable Bridge during Erection Stage Ma, Cunming; Liao, Haili; Li, Mingshui; Tao, Qi
Time-History Analysis with Various Damping Coefficients for Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridge by Galerkin Method Khaing, San Yu; Yamada, Hitoshi; Katsuchi, Hiroshi; Sasaki, Eiichi
T3-B Cable Aerodynamics
Chair 1: Masaru Matsumoto
Chair 2: Yaojun Ge
Paper Title Author(s)
Wind Tunnel Test for Rain-Wind Induced Vibration of Cables in Cable-Stayed Bridges Li, Yong-le; Wang, Bin; Lu, Wei; Tao, Qi-yu; Liao, Haili
Experimental Investigation of Rain-Wind-Induced Vibration of Stay Cables Based on High Precision Raining Machine Xu, Lin-Shan; Ge, Yao-Jun; Zhao, Lin
Numerical Approach to Galloping of Conductor Wang, Xin; Lou, Wen-Juan
Experimental Investigation Concerning Aerodynamic Stability of a Stay Cable Incorporated with Lamps Li, Shou-Ying; Chen, Zheng-Qing
Wind Induced Response of a Large Space Flexible Saddle Cable Net Structure with and Without Enclose Wall Li, Fang-hui; Gu, Ming; Pan, Jun-jun
T3-C Wind Loading (2)
Chair 1: Ahsan Kareem
Chair 2: Ming Gu
Paper Title Author(s)
Peak Factor for Non-Gaussian Processes Revisited Kwon, Dae-Kun; Kareem, Ahsan
An Extreme-Value Estimating Method of Non-Gaussian Wind Pressure Quan, Yong; Gu, Ming; Tamura, Yukio; Chen, Bin
Importance of Phase Characteristics of Pressure Fluctuation Kawai, Hiromasa
Effects of Section Size on Aerodynamic Forces on An Elliptic Cylinder Under Short- Rise-Time Gusts Takeuchi, Takashi; Maeda, Junji; Hayata, Tomohiko; Kawashita, Hiromasa
Transient Drag Force on 2-D Bluff Bodies under Gusty Wind Condition Shirato, Hiromichi; Maeta, Koji; Kato, Yoshiaki; Takasugi, Yuji
Numerical Simulation of Downburst Wind Loads Using Modified OBV Model Qu, Wei-Lian; Ji, Bai-Feng
T3-D Wind Tunnel Tests/Industrial Applications
Chair 1: Xin-Yang Jin
Chair 2: Rajeev Gupta
Paper Title Author(s)
Wind Tunnel Test on Levy Type Cable Dome Li, Yuanqi; Wang, Lei; Tamura, Yukio; Shen, Zuyan
Wind Tunnel Study on an Industrial Structure with Curved Roof Abraham, A.; Arunachalam, S.; Rajan, S. Selvi; Babu, G. Ramesh; Lakshmanan, N.
Pressure Measurement Studies on a Model of a Tall Building with Different Plan Shapes Along the Height Harikrishna, P.; Arunachalam S.; Abraham, A.; Rajan, S. Selvi; Babu, G. Ramesh; Lakshmanan, N.
Wind Tunnel Study on Cable Stayed Pavilion Roofs - a Case Study Gupta, Rajeev
Universal Equivalent Static Wind Loads of China National Stadium Chen, Bo; Yang, Qingshan
Wind-Resistant Characteristics of H-Shape Slender Hangers Chen, Zhengqing; Liu, Guangdong; Liu, Muguang
W1-A Experimental Modeling/Wind Tunnel Tests
Chair 1: John C.K. Cheung
Chair 2: Shu-Guo Liang
Paper Title Author(s)
Adaptation of Tubing Response Correction Filter Coefficients to Suit Reduced Sampling Frequencies Halkyard, Roger; Blanchard, George; Flay, Richard; Velychko, Nick
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Characteristic of Transmission Tower-Line System Zou, Liang-hao; Liang, Shu-guo; Zhao, Lin; Xie, Qiang; Ge, Yao-jun
Investigation on Wind Tunnel Tests of a Full Aero-Elastic Model of Electrical Transmission Tower-Line System Liang, Shu-Guo; Zou, Liang-hao; Song, Wei-Wei; Zhao, Lin; Ge, Yao-Jun
Effect of Square Cells in Improving Wind Tunnel Flow Quality Li, Chunguang; Cheung, John. C. K.; Chen, Z.Q.
A Simple Method for Obtaining the Correct Pressure Coefficient at the Windward Frontal Corner of the Bluff Body Gao, Y.; Chow, W.K.
W1-B Wind Coding Issues
Chair 1: Michael Kasperski
Chair 2: Peter A. Hitchcock
Paper Title Author(s)
Estimation of the Design Wind Speed Based on Uncertain Parameters of the Wind Climate Kasperski, Michael
Evaluation of Temporal Design Wind Speeds Using Typhoon Model and Empirical Wind Characteristics Matsui, Masahiro; Ohkuma, Takeshi; Tamura, Yukio
Extreme Wind Speeds and Wind Load Factors for Hong Kong Holmes, J.D.; Kwok, K.C.S.; Hitchcock, P.A.
Recent Wind Engineering Activities in the Philippines Pacheco, Benito M.; Tanzo, William T.; Aquino, R. Ronwaldo E.
Extreme Wind Climate and a Proposal to Improve the Basic Wind Map for Structural Design Purpose in Vietnam Giang, Le Truong; Tamura, Yukio; Matsui, Masahiro; Thuong, Vu Xuan; Hong, Nguyen
W1-C Windborne Debris
Chair 1: Chris Letchford
Chair 2: Chia Ren Chu
Paper Title Author(s)
Impact Dynamics of Rod Type Windborne Debris Richards, Peter; Pe, Kay; Milne, Ian
The Flight of Wind Borne Debris: An Experimental, Analytical, and Numerical Investigation. Part II (Experimental Work) Martinez-Vazquez, P.; Baker, C.J.; Sterling, M.; Quinn, A.D.; Richards, P.J.
The Flight of Wind Borne Debris; An Experimental, Analytical, and Numerical Investigation - Part III: CFD Simulations Kakimpa, Bruce; Hargreaves, David; Owen, John S.
The Behavior of Windborne Debris Accompanied by a Traveling Tornado Sassa, Koji; Takemura, Saki; Yamashita, Kensuke
Response of Cladding to Windborne Debris Impact Frye, Ulrich; Ginger, John; Mullins, Peter
W1-D Wind-Induced Structural Response (2)
Chair 1: Junji Maeda
Chair 2: Akihito Yoshida
Paper Title Author(s)
Response Analysis of Wind Turbine Support Structures Using FEM and Wind Generation Method Linked to Time Series of Measured Wind Speed Yoon, Jeseong; Ishihara, Takeshi; Yamaguchi, Atsushi
Finite Element Analysis of Stay Cable Vibration of the Kao Ping Hsi Bridge Liu, Ming-Yi; Lin, Li-Chin; Wang, Pao-Hsii
Wind-Induced Vibration of Slender Structures with Tapered Circular Cylinders Zuo, Delong
Response of Transmission Towers Subjected to Tornado Loads Ahmad, Shakeel; Ansari, Md. Ehtesham
Wind Forces Acting on Inflatable Amusement Products and Critical Wind Speeds Causing Accidents Yoshida, Akihito; Tamura, Yukio
TH1-A Special Session: Codification of Wind Loads
Chair 1: John D. Holmes
Chair 2: Prem Krishna
Paper Title Author(s)
Codification of Internal Pressures for Building Design Holmes, John D.; Ginger, J.D.
Comparative Study of Major International Standards Basor, Rachel; Kareem, Ahsan
Incorporation of the LRC-Method into Codified Wind Load Distributions Kasperski, Michael
Proposal for Unified Terrain Categories Exposures and Velocity Profiles Choi, Edmund C.C.
Comparisons of Building Wind Loads & Proposal for an A-P Model Code Krishna, Prem
Comparison of Wind Loads on Medium-Rise Building by Asia-Pacific Codes/Standards Tamura, Yukio; Holmes, John D.; Krishna, Prem; Guo, Lu
TH1-B Vehicle, Wind Barrier and Sports
Chair 1: Yongle Li
Chair 2: Bao-Shi Shiau
Paper Title Author(s)
Mechanics of Classical Kite Buggying or How Mr. Pocock Gained 9 m/s by his Charvolant Sugimoto, Takeshi
Korean Program for Enhancing Driving Stability of Vehicles in High Winds Kwon, Soon-Duck; Kim, Dong Hyawn; Song, Ho Sung; Lee, Il-Keun; Cho, Jun-Sang
Aerodynamic Loads on a Vehicle Exposed to Cross-Wind Gusts: An Experimental Study Kozmar, Hrvoje; Butler, Kyle; Kareem, Ahsan
Train-Induced Vibration of Suspension Bridges under Cross Wind Actions Yau, J.D.
Wind Barriers on Bridges: Effects of Wind Incidence Angle on Flow Field Characteristics Kozmar, Hrvoje; Procino, Lorenzo; Bartoli, Gianni; Borsani, Alessandra
Research on the Wind Load Parameters and the Wind-Resistance Behavior for Wind Fences of Railway Bridge Zheng, Shixiong
TH1-C Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation
Chair 1: Masaaki Ohba
Chair 2: W.K.Chow
Paper Title Author(s)
Experimental Study of The Discharge Coefficient of Internal Openings in Partitioned Buildings Chu, Chia R.; Wang, Yu-Wen
Locations of Diffusers on Air Flow Field in an Office Chow, W.K.; Huo, Y.; Gao, Y.
Building Innovations from Computational Fluid Dynamics Lau, Douglas Shing-Tak; Tsou, Jin Yeu
Wind Tunnel Investigation of Wind-Driven Natural Ventilation Performances in Residential Basement with Attached Areaway Space Bu, Zhen; Kato, Shinsuke; Takahashi, Takeo; Nakao, Keisuke
A Numerical Study on Travel Distances of Firebrands by Wind Kim, Young-duk; Hayashi,Y.; Cahyono, Yohanes Joni Tri; Baek, Jeong Seung
TH1-D Computational Wind Engineering (4)
Chair 1: Shuyang Cao
Chair 2: Cheng-Hsin Chang
Paper Title Author(s)
Modeling the Neutral Atmospheric Boundary Based on the Standard Turbulent Model: Modified Wall Function Fang, Pingzhi; Gu, Ming; Tan, Jianguo; Zhao, Bingke; Shao, Demin
Evaluation of Preconditioned Krylov Subspace Methods for Navier-Stokes Equations Zhang, Aishe; Gu, Ming; Gao, Cuilan; Liu, Weirui
Evaluation of Force Coefficients for a 2-D Angle Section Using Realizable k-ε Turbulence Model Ganapathi, S. Chitra; Abraham, P.; Harikrishna, A.; Arunachalam, S.; Lakshmanan, N.
Evaluation of Delayed Detached-Eddy Simulation for Channel Flow at Reynolds Number 2800 Wei, Zhigang; Ge, Yaojun
Comparison of Subgrid-Scale Models in Large Eddy Simulation of Flow over a Rectangular Obstacle Li, Qi; Yang, Qingshan
Validation of LES for Local Heat Environment in Tokyo -Comparison with Field Measurement Data- Nozu, Tsuyoshi; Kishida, Takeshi; Tamura, Tetsuro; Okuda, Yasuo; Umakawa, Hiroko; Tanaka, Hiroharu; Mikami, Takehiko; Ohashi, Masamiki